The Dream

For the past 4 years, Hope Helps and the families we serve have been dreaming of building a special needs, sensory playground within our servicing community--a safe and fun place for all kids; regardless of ability; to play and families to gather! This dream includes a place to play for physically or neurologically disabled children of all ages within their spectrum of abilities; from wheelchair accessible teeter totters, sensory wall and dome, high backed swings with harnesses, assisted zip line, boogie boards and more, along side a traditional play structure. Keeping our special needs community inclusive within a neuro typical crowd.

Our dream is starting to become a reality! We have the land, design plans and the enthusiasm to build this playground! "Hope Helps Special Needs, Sensory Playground" will find its home in Coal City, IL as part of the Lions Park facilities.
Hope Helps has a proposed design of  a 10,000 square foot all-inclusive, special needs sensory playground. This facility will contain a main play structure which includes multiple slides, climbers and tunnels as well as sensory components throughout including a bell station, bongos, periscope and zoo station. Along side of the main structure, there will be multiple ADA (American Disability Act) Certified free standing pieces of equipment including Sway Fun, Zip Krooze Assisted, High Backed and Harnessed Swings, Sensory Wall and Pulse Sensory Game. Along with all the equipment, the play facility will be housed on a pulverized rubber surfacing so that wheelchairs, walkers or individuals with poor mobility may access play equipment safely and easily.  The facility will be fenced in to enhance safety for all as well as housing a few handicap parking places and extra wide sidewalks leading directly to the playground.  Hope Helps will be donating this equipment to the Village of Coal City and the Village will maintain the equipment, carry insurance and provide electricity and water to facility. Hope Helps would like to have the playground in the construction phase in Spring 2015.
Hope Helps has been working hard to raise funds for this project but we have a long way to go!! We need your financial help to make this dream a reality!! This community project has a price tag of nearly $300,000!! This amount includes all the aforementioned equipment, community build weekend as well as a pulverized rubber ground covering; creating a flat surface suitable for wheelchairs, walkers and other needs to be able to join in on the fun!

We are looking for a sponsorship, not a handout!  When we offer you the opportunity to be a sponsor with our organization, we are offering more than a place to hang your corporate logo. We will work with you to fully maximize all the community goodwill such a project can generate. Every press release, every interview, and every event is another opportunity for us to show our sincere gratitude to those who are willing to help us make this dream come true.

We have prepared a complete sponsorship package that includes a list of suggested donation amounts and various ways in which we can provide recognition. However, you are encouraged to tailor donation amounts and recognition levels to your own needs. Be creative! Tell us how we can best fulfill your needs and earn your sponsorship! Please join us and help bring to life this custom playground for our special needs community in Coal City as well as those traveling within our servicing community of Will and Grundy counties.

Community-built projects inspire everyone who participates with a sense of ownership, so much so, that these projects become a focus of community life. People describe them as the experience of a lifetime. Families who helped build the playground will return for picnics and bring out-of-town guests to share what the community accomplished together.

Please consider making this important investment in our future. A playground provides a safe and challenging place for children and our community to learn and grow! Because you’re donating to Hope Helps, your contribution is tax deductible 45-0979408 and tax deduction receipts will be given for your records.